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Introducing the Content Upload powered by i-pangram for your Wix website. Simplify your content management process as you effortlessly upload text, images, videos, and more with a user-friendly interface. This service not only streamlines updates but also incorporates advanced copyright features through our partnership with i-pangram, safeguarding your digital creations and giving you peace of mind in one powerful solution.


Package involve: -


  • Integration of i-pangram's copyright protection
  • User-friendly content management system
  • Advanced copyright features for all content
  • Customizable scheduling options
  • Dedicated customer support
  • Regular updates for optimal performance
  • Professional consultation on copyright best practices


Our expert wix team can assist you in configuring and setting up automations that will impress your customers when they interact with with your wix website.


Discover affordable, low-cost website packages from iPangram's creative hub and expert digital, web, ecommerce, and SEO marketing agency.

Content Upload to Wix Website | i-Pangram

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