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  • React Native

  • FireBase

  • Reactjs

  • Google Maps

  • FCM notifications

  • Android and IOS development

Technologies Used
  • React Native for cross platform development 

  •  React JS for Web Development

  • Firestore to manage the database


The bakekick application offers a range of features to streamline baking activities. It includes a marketplace for selling utensils and supplies, a recipe section with ingredients and supplies management, a listing of bakers, events, groups, 1-to-1 chat, a timeline for sharing media and updates, and an order management system with invoice generation. The app provides convenience, networking opportunities, and organizational tools for bakers. It promotes collaboration, showcases work, improves inventory management, and offers a platform for buying and selling baking-related products. Overall, the application aims to enhance productivity, support the baking community, and facilitate efficient operations for bakers.


Complex Data Management: Managing and organizing various types of data, such as recipes, supplies, orders, and user profiles, can be complex. Designing a robust data structure and implementing efficient data storage and retrieval mechanisms is crucial for a smooth user experience.


Scalability and Performance: As the user base grows, ensuring the application can handle increased traffic, data processing, and concurrent user interactions becomes important. Optimizing performance, load balancing, and scaling the infrastructure to handle growing demands may pose challenges.


  • Streamlined baking operations with recipe management, supplies tracking, order management, and invoice generation.

  •  Facilitates networking and collaboration among bakers through listings, events, groups, and 1-to-1 chat.

  • Marketplace for buying and selling utensils, baking equipment, and supplies.

  •  Extensive collection of baking recipes for inspiration and guidance.

  • Brand promotion through a timeline feature to showcase work, share updates, and build reputation.

  • Convenient resource hub for bakers to access recipes, tips, and techniques.

  • Enhanced customer experience with easy browsing, booking, and interaction.

  • Simplifies inventory management, reducing wastage and ensuring stock availability.

  • Provides a centralized platform for the baking community to connect, share knowledge, and collaborate.

  • Efficient order management and seamless transaction process for customers and bakers.

Execution Details

1. Marketplace: The marketplace allows bakers to sell utensils, baking equipment, and supplies.

2. Recipe Section: The recipe section provides a collection of baking recipes. Bakers can share their own recipes, including ingredients, step-by-step instructions, and possibly images. Users can browse and search for recipes based on various criteria.

3. Supplies Management System: The supplies management system helps bakers keep track of their ingredients and baking supplies

4. Listing of Bakers: This feature provides a directory or listing of bakers. Bakers can create profiles with their information, specialties, location, and contact details. 

5. Events and Groups: The application can offer features to create and join baking-related events and groups. Bakers can organize or participate in events such as workshops, classes, or baking competitions.

6. 1-to-1 Chat: The application includes a messaging system that allows bakers to have private conversations. Bakers can communicate with each other, discuss recipes, share tips, or collaborate on baking projects through direct messaging.

7. Timeline: The timeline feature provides a space where bakers can share updates, images, videos, and information about their baking activities, events, or achievements.

8. Order Management and Invoice Generation: The application includes an order management system that allows bakers to track and manage customer orders. Bakers can receive order notifications, update order statuses, and generate invoices for customers.

9. Trip History and Reporting : The project includes features to store and display trip history, allowing bakery owners to review past deliveries, track performance, and generate reports for analysis and optimization.


In conclusion, the project utilizes Firebase for backend infrastructure and provides a comprehensive solution for bakers, including a marketplace, recipe section, supplies management, delivery trip management, and more. It streamlines baking operations, fosters collaboration, enhances the customer experience, and facilitates efficient trip management for deliveries. With Firebase's services and integration, the project ensures scalability, real-time updates, secure authentication, and seamless payment transactions. Overall, it offers a robust platform for bakers to showcase their skills, connect with others, and grow their baking business.

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