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Review Management System

Review Management System | i-Pangram


In 2018 Review Management System Group, A leading security solutions provider wanted to move their software operation on cloud and iOT. so They hired us to complete a job.


  • React Native

  • FireBase for Push Notification 

  • Nodejs API creation and Integration

  • Cross Platform Mobile App Development 

  • Android and iOS

  • Cross Platform Mobile App Development ​

Technologies Used

  • Frontend: React.js

  • Backend: Node.js, Express.js 

  • Database: mongoDB

  • AWS for Deployment  

  •  React Native for mobile app development


Prestige Matter, Take authority – ​ Review Management System

Review Management System gives different regions businesses the power to take back control of their reputation and presence.​ Brands and agencies around the world use Review Management System Web application to streamline and simplify review management, improve local search rankings, and discover actionable insights across locations, cities, states, or even countries.​Access insights from Google My Business for all your locations in a single dashboard with powerful grouping and filtering.

Secure an understanding of exactly what your customers are doing in Google before they reach your web properties.​Review Management System allows to known your growth in compare to your competitors with regards to review and rating. Respond to reviews with personalized messages or leverage saved replies to provide a consistent approach.​ Review Management System allows you to effortlessly manage reviews across all your locations. Reviews automatically retrieved daily.

Key Benefits Of Using Review Management System 

1 . Review Management with incomparable Control and Visibility

    – Engage all of your customers from all of your locations in a single control panel.

    – Connect Google My Business, Facebook and other platforms to bring everything into our web application. Easily monitor  and respond to reviews in real-time, improve local search engine rankings, track performance, enhance your reputation, and drive additional sales.

    – Easily manage facebook inbound Questions & Answers across locations in the same portal.

2 . Deep performance insights across your business

– A Powerful dashboard and filtering allow you to analyze your data.

3. Business owners get full control to manage entire organization and uplift productivity.

    – Limit access by locations or groups of locations to better distribute management of multiple locations

    – Real-time, daily, weekly, and monthly reporting to Business owners

    – Each person in team get assigned to the sections that matter to them.

Client Background

To whom Review Management System will help the most and why should they have it

    –  Take your customer service to the next level. All you need is the right software , Review matter is that one web application.

    -    View and reply to all customer requests, from any channel, from one screen. This brings email, social media, live chat and web forms together.

    –   Review Management System allow to see what customers currently think of your business as well as what they think of your competitors and your points of difference.

    -​    Review Management System help you ​ Showcase the reviews you have earned in the past and create immediate confidence with prospective clients.


    -  The problem with online reviews is that few people leave them but just about all potential customers will read them.

    Research suggests that around 95% of customers are pleased with the service they receive. However, few of those happy  customers leave reviews on their own.

    – On the other hand, the unhappy 5% customers are often extremely vocal in their online complaints, making practice of lowering the business rating lower than they should be.


Review Management System providing a clear understanding of where to focus where to make improvements that will improve your customer possession , increase your revenue and uplift your business

Review Management System consists of Seven modules


Business owner consists list of customers with their respective email,phone numbers and name. You need to contact directly with them, in such case Messenger provides that solutions that you can directly connect to customer via using our messenger module.

Messenger module allow to send email or message to customer , without logging another portal with ease.

Messenger allow the business owner to reply to inbound facebook message.

Messenger module allows the business owner to build team and add as many members ,and assign them different roles.

Messenger module allow you send the invitation to the customer via email , by clicking the link they provide the review to the business.


Dashboard provide you the overview of the entire business.

Dashboard is where you can see the total number of leads, conversation, average site rating, total number of review nad Invitation sent


Analytics showcase the collective rating of website

Analytics Allow you to set the monthly review goal as well as it provide you total number of reviews achieved.

Analytics also provide review graph by which you can have real picture of your situation.

Analytics showcase the number of Invite sent with phone number , email , sentby , review

Leadboard Showcase the number of Employee with their total conversion , first response time and invite sent ,credited reviews, Rating

In the Review module, the business owner and dedicated team member can integrate different social media site .

After successfully integrating with social media website , fetched review will be shown and listed below.


Leadboard Showcase the number of Employee with their total conversion , first response time and invite sent ,credited reviews, Rating


Insights generate report by day,by months and it also allow you to compare your google ranking with your competitors , so that you can have the real picture of situation


In manage module , allows the business owner to manage team and assign different roles to team members.

In Manage module , business owner can set monthly review and invite goal as well as edit review invite message and image.

Manage module also show allows to manage and edit business hours.Through manage module webchat can be controlled and edited


Review Management System help you to make customers happier, keeps them longer, and grows your business faster.

Review Management System is simply the most dynamic platform out there for complete online review management and marketing and provide upper hand against competitors.

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