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Elevate your Wix website's security and authenticity with the Copyright Add-On powered by i-pangram. Safeguard your content with copyright notices and watermarks effortlessly integrated into your site, ensuring your creative work remains protected. This seamless solution adds a touch of professionalism while preventing unauthorized usage, allowing you to confidently showcase your originality. Strengthen your digital presence today and give your Wix website the copyright protection it deserves.


Package involve: -

  •  Comprehensive copyright notices and watermarks
  •  i-pangram's advanced copyright technology integration
  •  Customizable protection settings
  •  Expert copyright guidance
  •  Regular updates and enhancements
  •  Easy installation and setup
  •  Ongoing customer support o Seamless Wix website integration
  •  Protection against content theft
  •  Enhanced online professionalism


Our expert wix team can assist you in configuring and setting up automations that will impress your customers when they interact with with your wix website. Discover affordable, low-cost website packages from iPangram's creative hub and expert digital, web, ecommerce, and SEO marketing agency.

Add copyright to Wix Website | i-Pangram

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