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Looking to elevate your Wix website's SEO to a higher level? Need assistance in setting up your website's SEO on Wix and connecting it with Google?


Why not go beyond the basics of the SEO package for Wix websites and tap into the power of advanced SEO schemas for Wix? This approach can significantly enhance your Google ranking and ensure your Wix website stands out amidst the competitive search engine results.


i-Pangram, a proud partner of Wix Legend Agency, is here to support you in refining your existing Advanced and Essential SEO configurations on your Wix website through our Advanced SEO package for Wix.


Included with your Wix website's essential SEO package;

  •  Review all of your Wix website's SEO settings.
  •  Review current nominated keywords and industry.
  •  Prepare all SEO focused page titles.
  •  Prepare all SEO focused page descriptions.
  •  Review the header tags for H1, H2, and H3 on all pages.
  •  Complete all Wix SEO actions and prepare website for final connection.
  •  Connect or assist with connection from Wix to Google account
  •  Manual submission of Site Map to Google Search


Included in your Advanced SEO Package for Wix Website;


2 x Advanced Schemas;

  •  Google Breadcrumb Schema for Wix
  •  Wix's Google Local Business Schema
  •  Google Organisation Schema for Wix
  •  Website footer content strip with keyword phrases
  •  Optimisation of page H1 title tags for SEO


We'll determine the best schema option for your business depending on its size and goals.


Pages Included for Essential SEO Packages

  •  Up to 3 Pages are included, plus initial settings
  •  Additional pages are available


Our experts will examine how your SEO is configured on your Wix website and ensure that we enhance your Wix websites. We will also execute all of the duties required to create the proper foundations for obtaining the greatest Seo for your Wix website.

Advanced SEO Package for Wix Website SEO Setup | i-Pangram

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