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Insufficient Traffic and Leads? No Issue.

Enhance Your Lead Generation with Our Facebook & Instagram Lead Generation i-Pangram: We'll enhance your on-site lead generation strategy by crafting the following approaches to capture and convert website visitors. Offer a Lead Magnet on Your Website (e.g., valuable download to collect visitor contact details).


Provide a lead magnet on your website (i.e.: value add download to capture visitor contact information).


Lead Magnets: Generating Leads for Those Not Ready for Quotes.

Enhance your lead generation by placing Convert Box pop-up offers on all pages. These will be connected to Active Campaign. Our testing will determine the most effective pop-up types for optimal conversions.


Generating More Leads from Site Visitors:

Drive traffic and boost conversions by sending Monthly Engagement Emails to prospects. These emails will notify them about new blog content and the current month's homepage offer.


Building Credibility and Favourable Prospects Selection:

Cultivate credibility through a follow-up email series via Active Campaign for prospects who sign up. This added credibility will prompt more prospects to choose your service over competitors.


Converting Cold Leads into Engaged Prospects:

Employ Monthly Engagement Emails to turn cold leads into warmer prospects. By notifying them about new blog content and the latest homepage offer, these emails will increase traffic and elevate conversions.


Facebook & Instagram Lead Generation | i-Pangram

    • Choose between Facebook Ads or Instagram Ads
    • Implement Lead Generation Forms on Your Website
    • Develop Compelling Call-to-Action Strategies
    • Set Up Email Automation for New and Existing Customers
    • Enjoy Added Benefits from Our Customizable Marketing Package
    • Establish Facebook Business Manager
    • Run 6 Ad Campaigns
    • Install Pixel for Enhanced Tracking
    • Create Custom Conversions
    • Implement Remarketing Strategies
    • Craft Detailed Audience Profiles
    • Develop Custom Audience Segments
    • Set Up Automated Rules
    • Generate Facebook Analytics Reports
    • Monitor Ad Campaign Performance
    • Create Product Catalogue
    • Design Dynamic Ads
    • Build Instant Experience Ads
    • Customize Ad Placements
    • Conduct A/B Testing for Ad Sets, Creatives, and Placements
    • Create Carousel and Collection Ads
    • Monitor Website Traffic
    • Provide Monthly Performance Reports
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