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Looking for assistance in enhancing the layout and design of your Wix website's mobile version? Look no further than i-Pangram, a proud partner of Wix Legend Agency. We specialize in making refinements to the layout, design, and settings of your Wix mobile website.


Our services encompass a variety of minor tasks and cater to all your requirements for your Wix website. From layout adjustments to comprehensive Wix website solutions, we've got you covered.




  • Fix up to 3 mobile site pages design and layout
  • Includes layout, design, action bar and settings
  • Mobile version only
  • Additional pages can be added based on packages shown


Our expert wix team can assist you in configuring and setting up automations that will impress your customers when they interact with with your wix website.

Discover affordable, low-cost website packages from iPangram's creative hub and expert digital, web, ecommerce, and SEO marketing agency.

Fix Wix Mobile Website Design and Layout | i-Pangram

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