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Cloud Service

Empower your business with seamless cloud adoption and implementation, whether it's migration or app testing. 

Cloud Service | i-Pangram

Our dedicated team of web experts is driven by a strong desire to exceed your digital goals. We're enthusiastic about offering proven strategies to build a robust online presence that helps your business thrive, surpassing both your objectives and expectations.

Forget the hassle and high costs of establishing a competitive online presence. iPangram provides budget-friendly services like website design, e-commerce store setup, skilled SEO services, website and mobile app development for businesses worldwide. We're passionate about our work, and we excel at it.

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Wordpress to wix

WordPress to Wix

Elevate your online presence by seamlessly transitioning from WordPress to Wix with our specialized migration expertise.

Wordpress To Strapi

WordPress to Strapi 

Empowering businesses to seamlessly transition from WordPress to Strapi, enhancing content management capabilities and optimizing digital experiences.

Magento To Vendure

Magento to Vendure 

Transition from Magento to Vendure for an unlocked potential, offering scalability and customization in e-commerce.

Magento To Saleor

Magento to Saleor 

Elevate your e-commerce prowess and enhance customer experiences by seamlessly transitioning from Magento to Saleor with our specialized expertise

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Apps On-Demand by


iPangram are designed to save you time and money. Fully customizable mobile app templates for Android and iOS Apps.

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Recent Website Design Projects
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Website Design for ESpoon

Espoon seamless fusion of FCM notifications, Google Maps integration, an intuitive admin panel for efficient reservation management, customizable cuisine filters, secure OTP verification, and the convenience of social media login


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"Excellent IT Solutions"

We have received excellent IT solutions from iPangram . Their team is knowledgeable, professional and always available to help.

"Efficient and Reliable"

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