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i-Pangram's Facebook & Instagram Management with Ads services



(A) Goals of Digital Marketing


Enhancing Brand Recognition - The primary goal is to establish a strong brand presence and elevate brand recognition within the local or specified vicinity. This objective involves formulating effective strategies utilizing diverse digital marketing methods to disseminate information about your All Design Institute business.


Engaging with Your Audience - At times, it's essential to interact with individuals to provide them with insights about your company and its offerings. Leveraging social media stands out as a highly effective and convenient means to connect with your intended audience.


Sustaining Social Media Visibility - Why is this crucial? Because it's the space where your core customer base, your audience, is fully engaged. Hence, having a goal of cultivating a robust social media presence becomes imperative. This not only boosts visibility among your core demographic but also facilitates two-way communication.


Establishing Trustworthiness - The key lies in recognizing opportunities to augment business awareness and offer potential customers a glimpse into your operations.


Conveying Promotions and Events - What captivates the interest of supermarket consumers? It's timely updates about new product launches and the Deal of the Week! If you're introducing a compelling 30% Off Special this week, customers would eagerly seek this information to make purchases and even share the news with their circles.


(B) Branding Your Business


In a highly competitive landscape, it's crucial to establish a distinctive brand that sets you apart from the competition. We take the following steps to do this:

  • Emphasize Your Services
  • Utilize Testimonial Videos and Posts
  • Engage with Reviews and Comments on Google My Business (GMB)
  • Drive Action through WhatsApp Posts and Lead Generation


(C) Defining the Target Audience


During the initial months, our focus will be on refining your target audience to individuals located within a reasonable proximity to your restaurant.


(D) Leveraging Social Media Marketing


Social media serves as a platform to introduce your business to the online community, enhance your brand visibility, interact with potential customers or collaborators, and much more.

We primarily operate on the Facebook & Instagram Management with Ads.



Facebook & Instagram Management with Ads | i-Pangram

  • Objective Paid Advertising
    Increase page Likes Page Likes ads
    Promote posts Post boost
    Promote events Event Promotion
    Increase video views Video Promotion
    Getting leads Lead Generation ads
    Story telling Facebook Canvas ads

    When it comes to social ads, Facebook is best. Understanding how to build audiences, target specific users, retarget certain groups and measure success is key to any brand,
    Our Work On Facebook As Follow:

    • Profile setup (Cover Photos, Our story, About us, Logo Entry)
    • Running Promotions (Monthly 10-12 regular Promotion post + Festival post
    • Sharing Testimonial Of happy customer (Post / Video)
    • Providing Facts
    • Direct messages in WhatsApp
    • Call to Action & Engagement post
    • Paid Marketing for Website Traffic
    • Boost creative Post or Video
    • Run lead Generation Campaign
    • Product Listing (Shop create)
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